Monday, May 21, 2018
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Welcome to m.a.p. GmbH!



Welcome to m.a.p. GmbH!

disassambling and reassambling
of brewery equipment / machinery and malting plants






project management

Your brewery equipment doesn´t fit to your requirements of sales anymore or the equipment isn´t longer at the "state-of-the-art"?

Now you are searching a buyer for your equipment?

Or perhaps are you the one, who is looking for used equipment?

The major business field of map is the disassembling and reassembling of brewery equipment.Therefore it is our aim, to find for our customers the interested buyers for the for-sale-standing equipment. We also are taking-over the purchase of equipment, just to simplify the process for seller and buyer, which is also making the process easier in the project. That´s why we speak about a "full-service-package".

We also keep an eye on the modernisation of equipment if necessary and cooperate with partners for the maintenance of machines; further we also may supply an adequate automation system for the production equipment. Our project-management supports in engineering, shipping logistics, installation works and process automation. We don´t give up, before the plant is running on the expected capacity at its new location.


m.a.p. GmbH


Dismantlement and Re-Installation
of brewery machinery and equipment
and malting plants.

Office address:

Flurstrasse 38
85402 Kranzberg

contact person:
Mr. Joachim Rüsse

phone: +49-(0)81 66 - 9914702
cell phone: +49-(0)171 - 93 04 678

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