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Sunday, June 20, 2021
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2006 Dom Brewery Cologne - brewhouse

In 2006 map was contracted to dismantle the brewhouse of 400 hl cast-out volume at the brewery Dom Kölsch in Cologne (formerly Küppers), including loading and transport to Antwerp.

The system consisted of the malt cleaning machines, malt and wheat mills, conveying equipment, 4 mash vessels, mash filter, 2 wort kettles, wort cooler, CIP systems, biological acidification, control and automation technology.

We have re-installed the brewhouse, after the plant in Lagos, Nigeria, has arrived. We created the P&IDs, installation and piping drawings, created bills of materials for the additional purchase of components and piping technology and followed the re-assembly.



2006 Dom brewery Cologne - cellar plant

After 2006 map already has dismantled the brewhouse of Dom-Brauerei in Cologne, map was commissioned by the brewery, to dismantle the basement system (excluding fermenting and storage tanks, which were scrapped) including with care units. The machines, equipment and fittings were followed from the brewery yard mostly sold off, making our work was rewarded and could be achieved for the customer, a corresponding revenue.


2003 Ringnes brewery Oslo - lauter tun

In 2003 map received from the firm Huppmann in Kitzingen the order for the dismantling of a lauter tun of 6 m in diameter at Ringnes brewery in Oslo. The difficulty was the height of the tub feet and in the application. We could do the job, including packing and loading within 11 days, during which the tub had to be divided in two and was provided with transport frame.


1999 Hürlimann brewery Zurich - brewhouse

In 1999 map was awarded the contract for the dismantling of a 600 hl brewhouse at Hürlimann brewery in Zurich. This Order, by Consolidated Breweries in Nigeria, was our start for the proper removal activities.

Mr. Sonderegger, the former director of the Hürlimann brewery, has been very pleased with our work.
The seller of machinery and equipment is an essential partner for a successful work.

overview of references

overview of references 1999 - Hürliman Brewery Zurich - brewhouse 2003 - Ringnes Oslo - lauter tun 2006 - Dom Brewery Cologne - cold aerea 2006 - Dom Brewery Cologne - brewhouse 2006 - Sona brewhouse Lagos Nigeria - reassembling 2007 - Durst Malz Nierstein - malting plant 2007 - Hasenbräu Augsburg - beer filtration 2007 - Papod Nigeria - brewhouse installation 2007 - Premier Brewery Onitsha Nigeria - investment expertise 2008 - Augustiner Brewery Munich - beer filtration 2009 - Durst Malz Gernsheim - rotating floor 2009 - Oettinger Brewery Mönchengladbach - mash filter 2010 - EKU Brewery Kulmbach - malt handling and brewhouse 2010 - Sales of a 70.000 hl brewery to Western Africa


m.a.p. GmbH


Dismantlement and Re-Installation
of brewery machinery and equipment
and malting plants.

Office address:

Flurstrasse 38
85402 Kranzberg

contact person:
Mr. Joachim Rüsse

phone: +49-(0)81 66 - 684052
cell phone: +49-(0)171 - 93 04 678

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